Historical Archive

City of Aguascalientes

The building which currently houses the Historical Archive was built in 1905 and was restored in 1986 in order to be able to store the document collection.

Actualmente están disponibles los servicios de consulta de documentos históricos, hemeroteca, planoteca y una sección de libros de la historia de Aguascalientes.

Currently available are services for consulting historical documents, a newspaper and periodical archive, a map room and a section of books on the history of Aguascalientes.

Calle Juan

de Montoro 215, Dowtown

(449) 915.3946

Fax (449) 918.5521


Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Visit Avenida Francisco I. Madero, just one block from the Historical Archive and explore the major shopping street in town.



The Historical Archive building is another of Refugio Reyes Rivas’ constructions.

The building is a dwelling-house and is beautifully adorned with ironwork in its picture windows and entrance hall, creating an attractive aesthetic contrast with the yellow-green quarry stone of the exterior walls.

La building belonged to the Rangel family, which owned the Hacienda de Ciénega Grande, from where the quarry stone used in its magnificent walls were extracted.

As well as enjoying the permanent exhibitions, you can also look up information on the history of the city.

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