The Architecture of Refugio Reyes Rivas

City if Aguascalientes

Visit San Antonio Church and admire a characteristic example of this self-taught architect’s work. You’ll find it at 252 Pedro Parga Street

Arquitectura de Refugio Reyes Rivas

Aguascalientes would be worth a visit even if it were just to admire the legacy that Refugio Reyes left the city.

Refugio Reyes Rivas was born on September 2, 1862 in Sauceda, Zacatecas. He was self-taught and began his career in architecture by working on the Zacatecas railroad when he was just fourteen years old.

He later moved to Guadalupe and then to the city of Aguascalientes, where he was immediately recognized as a talented young architect due to the artistic aptitude he displayed during the building of San Antonio Church.

In Aguascalientes he worked on a wide range of projects, including the Church of the Purísmima, the Bank of Mexico building (1905),   Hotel   París   (1910), Hotel Francia (1915), the Young Ladies State Teaching College (1920) and Calvillo Town Hall (1921). He also built a number of houses around the city, which are now historical monuments.

Despite having no formal training, Refugio Reyes demonstrated an extraordinary aptitude for urban planning and was granted a post-mortem degree in Architecture by the State University in 1975. He richly deserved this acknowledgement of his profound influence on the history of the city’s architectural identity.

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