The Guadalupe Neighborhood

City of Aguascalientes

Economic activity was the major factor in the founding and growth of this traditional neighborhood

Visit the traditional cemeteries that ‘come to life’ during the Day of the Dead festivities.

Barrio de Guadalupe

The neighborhood is located in the north-east of the city.

El Barrio de Guadalupe emerged out of the trading activity along the route out of town towards Zacatecas and Jalpa. Inns, restaurants, storehouses and shops were gradually established.

Due to the growing economic and social importance of the neighborhood, the construction of the church was begun in 1767 and completed in 1789, which in turn gave further impulse to the neighborhood’s social and economic life.

Later on, tanneries, potteries and brick-makers appeared, as well as a square and a cemetery, which were later replaced by a park for locals’ recreation.

The neighborhood grew so much that in July 1931 construction of Guadalupe Parish Church was ordered, under the direction of the priest Tiscareño Romo. This confirmed the neighborhood as one of the most important in Aguascalientes.

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