La Salud Neighborhood

City of Aguascalientes

Along with Triana and San Marcos, Barrio de La Salud is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Aguascalientes.

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Barrio de la Salud

Located to the southeast of the city, twenty minutes from the Plaza de Armas and near the Cerrito de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross) the neighborhood La Salud dates from the late eighteenth century and gets its name from its patron saint, Señor de la Salud or Our Lord of Health.

At the time, mortality rates increased due to an epidemic and a new cemetery was built to the south of town, featuring a chapel dedicated to Our Lord of Health.

Over time, homes were built for cemetery workers and agricultural laborers, leading to the emergence of a tight-knit community, which remains that way to this day.

The church which replaced the old chapel was authorized by the Archbishop of Guadalajara in 1884 and was blessed upon completion in 1905.

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