Encino or Triana Neighborhood

City of Aguascalientes

El Encino is one of the quietest neighborhoods in Aguascalientes, and has a laid-back, small-town atmosphere.

Explore the neighborhood on foot and visit houses where famous local bullfighters grew up.

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Barrio del Encino o Triana

Visit the local restaurants and savor delicious local cuisine

The first official records relating to the founding of El Encino date back to 1565, when lands were ceded to Hernán González Berrocal to establish a barrio on what had previously been orchards.

The neighborhood has several traditional restaurants with tranquil, small town atmospheres. It is also home to the José Guadalupe Posada Museum. Posada was an engraver and caricaturist who had a great influence on Mexican culture and created the famous character La Catrina.

Festivities and color often fill the neighborhood’s streets. Every November homage is paid in the Encino Gardens to the Black Christ of the Encino, situated in the Encino Church, in the heart of the barrio.

The area was also home to the famous local bullfighter Alfonso Ramírez ‘Casalero’, who made such a mark on bullfighting and on the hearts of locals.

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