La Estacion – A Traditional Neighborhood

City of Aguascalientes

An important part of the identity of the city is that it was once one of the main stages on the railroad route from Mexico City to Ciudad Juarez, known as the ‘Northern Passage’. The route was constructed during Porfirio Diaz’s time in power.

Travel back in time to the age of the railways and imbibe the history in the neighborhood Barrio de La Estación.

Situated in the eastern part of the

Barrio de la Estación

Stop by ‘Restaurante La Estación’ and enjoy some local dishes, such as railroad eggs and cream tacos. You can find it on Calle 28 de Agosto #210.

Of the four oldest neighborhoods in Aguascalientes, Barrio de la Estación stands out as the symbol of the state’s railroad identity.

The area is home to the ‘Tres Centurias’ railroad center, where you can see the old railroad workshops and the Casa Redonda (the Round House) with its dancing fountains show or take a tour in a typical mini-train.

Another place you should visit is the neighborhood known as the Colonia Ferronales, where you can see a range of wooden houses built especially for the American engineers working on the construction of the railroad station. This fact in itself has given birth to several legends which now make up the folklore of the area.

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