Basketball the Aguascalientes Panthers

City ofAguascalientes

The Aguascalientes Panthers are a young team with great potential.

Hermanos Carreón Basketball Court (Avenida Adolfo

López Mateos and Avenida de la Convención 1914 Oriente)

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Cancha de Básquetbol Hermanos Carreón

Check the fixture list, get to a game, and get behind the Panthers with family and friends.

 The Panteras de Aguascalientes basketball team was founded in 1972 by don Juan García Campos.

However, it wasn’t until 2003 that they became one of the sixteen teams that make up the Mexican National Professional Basketball League.

That same year they won the league under Coach Francisco Ramírez Orozco.

The following year they went on to win the Central American Championships in Guatemala.

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