You can find them at any corner store; get one with cream, ham, pork rind and pickled chili.

A bolillo is a filled roll, and is perhaps the antojito that best represents Aguascalientes. You can find them in practically every corner store in town. Bollillos are traditionally made with cream, ham, and jalapeño chili, but if you get one at a lonchería (snack bar) or from a tricycle you can ask for a meat filling, such as crackling, tongue or barbecued pork.

The Aguascalientes bolillo differs from bread rolls in other parts of the country in that it comes in pairs, so that once divided the ‘extra’ roll can be filled with meat or any other food. It also has a crunchy crust and weighs more, allowing it to hold food for longer.

You can’t say you’ve been to Aguascalientes without having tried a bolillo. Get one at any time of the day!

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