Town of Jesús María

In a ritual as old as shamanism, a host of beliefs have grown up, both in favor of and against the practice of this ancestral activity.

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Town Hall (449) 963.9237 Ext 117

Monday to Sunday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


While in town, take the opportunity to ward off any bad vibes.

Mysticism surrounds the town of Jesús María. Although there are no official data, it is believed that there are around a hundred shamans here, whose only form of advertising is by word of mouth based on locals’ experiences. Shamans carry out spiritual cleansings, healings, ceremonies and more.

Throughout history the services of shamans have been sought after by people from all kinds of professional background and social class. In fact, according to locals, a former president came here to receive shaman services.

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