Cabins and Campsites

Various Areas

Antiguo México

Located next to the Malpaso Dam, Antiguo México restaurant and cabins boast Mexican architecture and superb food. The cabins have different capacities to suit your needs.

Tel: (449) 914.1887

Puente del Trigo

From the porch of any of the cabins you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and the spectacular sunsets across the Malpaso Dam.

Cabins and restaurant: Cell: (495) 101.9357 Tel: (495) 108.1111

Other Options…

If you’re looking for a campsite specializing in school parties, Suskaa campsite in San José de Gracia and Centro Ecológico Los Cuartos in Jesús María are the best options – you can also visit with family and friends.

Another option is Los Alamitos Environmental Education Center which has three cabins for twenty-three people, kitchen, dining area, library and an area for bonfires to make things cozy. Lastly, Cabañas El Chilarillo in Calvillo has great facilities and a wide range of recreational activities.

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