Codo Street

City of Aguascalientes

The ideal spot for listening to music, catching up on your reading or chatting with friends over a coffee, Codo Street offers relaxation and recreation.

Codo Street is the ideal spot to read, rest, chat and relax.

It meets Galeana Norte, just one block from the cathedral.

La Calle del Codo

When you’re feeling tired, make that last effort to visit Codo Street and recharge your batteries for the next stage of your tour.

Just one block from the Main Square you’ll find Calle Codo or Elbow Street, whose name alludes to its right-angle shape.

The Street’s real name, Calle Saturnino Herrán, is in honor of the famous painter from Aguascalientes, who was born on the very same street.

It is a pleasant corner of leisure and recreation, where you will find cafés, bars, boutiques, book stores, and bistros, as well as an artistic and musical ambience that makes it the ideal setting for a typical afternoon and evening out in Aguascalientes.

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