Madero Street

City of Aguascalientes

Governor Alberto Fuentes Dávila ordered the creation of this thoroughfare due to the growing railway industry in the region.

In the late twentieth century Sunday walks along this thoroughfare were so common that the activity became known as “maderear”

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Get a taste of the history of the street by strolling from the main square to the old railway station. It is difficult to believe that the buildings and facades along the way didn’t exist before 1914.

Opened  in  1914 and originally named Avenida de la Convención, this thoroughfare was also known as Avenida de las Lágrimas (Avenue of Tears), due the laments of property owners who saw their patrimony destroyed as the construction of the avenue led to the demolishing and expropriation of many of the valuable properties.

Nevertheless, the creation of the avenue greatly improved the movement of the growing number of automobiles, facilitated the transportation of goods and commodities from the railway station to the city center and gave local traders the opportunity to develop the major shopping street in the city.

Today the avenue doubles up as the route for the largest parades in the state throughout the year.

Admire twentieth-century architectural beauty on recently refurbished Madero Street. Among the parades worth catching are the civic parades, the Romería of the Lady of the Assumption, the Spring Parade and the ‘Calaveras’ Day of the Dead Parade.

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