Nieto Street

City of Aguascalientes

Nieto Street is the ideal spot for a bit of shopping and has plenty of establishments offering a range of products.

Get to know everyday life in Aguascalientes and do some outdoor shopping at establishments that display their products on the street just outside the store.

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Calle Nieto

Make the most of your visit by snapping up charming handicrafts and souvenirs

This is the ideal place for shopping for handicrafts and regional products, such as the typical and beautiful openwork lace.

All along the street you’ll find attractive places to visit, such as the backstage entrance at the Morelos Theater. This historical theater is definitely worth a visit and you should attend one of the programmed events and admire the interior of this beautiful cultural venue.

About half way along Nieto Street you’ll cross the Feria pedestrian walkway, an important location during the San Marcos Fair, which retains a special atmosphere all year round and offers a special ambience at its traditional outdoor restaurants, known as Merenderos.

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