Zaragoza Street

City of Aguascalientes

Modernity and history combine along this important thoroughfare, an ideal street for exploring on foot

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Calle Zaragoza

In the afternoon and evening have a drink or enjoy a coffee with friends or family at one of the sidewalk cafés that you’ll find along the street

Take a night-time stroll and enjoy the spectacular illumination of San Antionio Church.

Previously called Calle del Olivo (Olive Tree Street), Calle Zaragoza has a wide pedestrian walkway from where you can enjoy the classical architecture of San Antonio Church, another architectural gem built by Refugio Reyes Rivas. You’ll find it on the corner of Zaragoza and Pedro Parga.

Right across from the church is the Museum of Aguascalientes. Its seven display rooms house works by plastic artists Saturnino Herrán, Gabriel Fernández Ledesma, Juan de Mata y Pacheco, Jesús F. Contreras and Francisco Díaz de León.

As you stroll along the Street you’ll find establishments offering culture, entertainment, food and beverages.

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