Pueblo mágico

Located in the southwest of the state, Calvillo was declared a Pueblo Mágico in 2012.


It was originally settled by a congregation of Nahua Indians from San José de Huejúcar, which means “Place of Weeping Willows”. Later, Don José Calvillo, owner of the San Nicolás Hacienda, donated land to found the town, and it was established by the Governor of Mitra de Guadalajara, Manuel Colón Larreategui, on November 18, 1771.

Over many years and right up to the present, the town has shaped its own identity based on the production and processing of guavas, which are used in a range of products, and through the elaboration of open lace work, a handicraft which uses skills passed down through the generations and which represents the state at a national level.

Another of Calvillo’s attractions is the Church of the Señor del Salitre, the construction of which began in 1772 and was completed in 1884. This is where the patron saint of the town is worshipped and many talk of the miracles associated with him. The church boasts a gold-coated altar and the second largest dome in Latin America.

Every year there are four big festivals in Calvillo:


  • The festival in honor of the Señor del Salitre


  • The Festival of San Judas Tadeo


  • The Guava Festival
  • The Festival of the Virgen de Guadalupe

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