The José Guadalupe House

City of Aguascalientes

This is where Posada received his first art lessons from his older brother, and where he made his first drawings

Stroll through San Marcos Gardens and visit San Marcos Church, emblematic places in the neighborhood.

José Guadalupe Posada Street

Casa de José Guadalupe Posada

Before visiting the José Guadalupe Posada Museum, stop off at this simple house where the great artist spent a substantial part of his lifede su vida

This house is the birthplace of the renowned artist José Guadalupe Posada. It is located on José Guadalupe Posada Street, previously called Los Angeles Street, and nestled in the neighborhood of San Marcos. This is where he grew up here with his parents and siblings.

These were humble surroundings and, according to some accounts, the family lived in poverty. Six brothers and two sisters lived in a dwelling that measured 10 x 25 meters, not uncommon in this craftsman’s neighborhood.

From an early age Posada attended the Aguascalientes City Academy of Art and later took jobs which allowed him to develop his talent as an engraver, illustrator, and caricaturist. Today he is considered the greatest engraver in the country’s history.

Posada left Aguascalientes in 1872. There is no doubt, however, that his childhood in this house played an important role in his life and development. On the 150th anniversary of his birth two plaques were unveiled at this historic spot.

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