The Round House

City of Aguascalientes

The Casa Redonda was the repair workshop for the railway engines and was named the Round House due to its singular structure.

Don’t miss the Monumental Clock show at the Plaza de las Tres Centurias and see the performance in the Round House.

Avenida Manuel Gómez Morín, The Old Railroad Workshops

The performance has a rolling schedule from Tuesday thru Sunday

Casa Redonda

A train whistle announced the arrival of a new era when the first steam engine triumphantly made its entrance. On February 24th, 1884 the people got their first glimpse of a new direction for the economy and for society. They celebrated this new mode of transport which would allow goods and passengers to get to destinations once thought unreachable. The State Governor at the time, Rafael Arellano, was instrumental in achieving the donation of 832,592 square meters of land belonging to the Ojocaliente Hacienda. Work began in 1898 and was completed in 1903.

And that’s how it all began; with the country’s most advanced railroad technology, the largest and most modern workshops, the widest range of tools and machinery, and a large pool of highly-skilled workers. Other factors in favor of the development of the railroad industry in Aguascalientes were a privileged geographical location and a mild, dry climate.

The primary role of the Round House was maintenance, inspection, supply, housing and minor repairs for the locomotives. The workshops had three key elements: a giant revolving table, suitably-equipped buildings, and adjoining yards housing essential operating services.

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