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Charrería refers to all things related to the Mexican rodeo and has always been followed with great enthusiasm in the State of Aguascalientes. It is the national sport par excellence and its skills and knowledge have been passed down from generation to generation.

Don’t miss the women riders in the event known as ‘escaramuzas’, a kind of dressage with a difference.

La Charreada, the rodeo event itself, is the national sport par excellence, and takes place in the rodeo grounds where the public go to see the suertes charras, or horsemanship trials, and to support their favorite cowboy or cowgirl.

This fiesta has its roots in the Spanish colonial period when, due to the need to employ indigenous and mestizo cowboys and cattle hands on ranches, they were allowed to ride and wore leather or suede clothing.

After Agrarian Reform in the early twentieth century Charrería became popular as a sport and has been passed down through the generations.

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