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Cycling is the ideal mode of transport for city life, as well as being the most environmentally-friendly way of getting around.

Domo Bicentenario (Manuel Gómez Morín, Railroad Workshops) (449) 970 1350

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The Bicentennial Velodrome is one of the safest, fastest and most important velodromes in the world, hosting several national and international sporting events. The venue is renowned for the number of records broken here and for the track’s characteristics; the surface is made of Philadelphia fired oak and has 48-degree banks, while the roof is an inflated wind-proof Italian tarpaulin, together creating the ideal conditions for achieving the highest speeds.

This is where cyclists come to break world records and where national, regional and local events are held. It has hosted two Track Cycling World Cups and the third round of the UCI Cycling World Cup, with 280 riders from 36 countries. Other events held here include the 2014 UCI Para-Cycling World Championship and the track section of the 2014 Pan-American Sports Festival, with more than 25 countries participating.

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