Ferronales Neighborhood

City of Aguascalientes

The neighborhood of Ferronales is one of the oldest in Aguascalientes and was built due to the arrival of American workers who helped build the railroad station.

Stroll along some of the oldest streets in Aguascalientes; admire the typical American houses and be transported back to the golden age of the railroads.


Colonia Ferronales

Although you won’t be able to practice your English, you’ll feel that you’re in a typical American neighborhood – and you don’t need a visa!

Ferronales is an authentic American neighborhood that grew up with the beginnings of railroad construction in the early twentieth century. It came about due to an agreement between the Central Mexican Railroad Company and the State Government, which ceded the large area of land where the neighborhood is located so that the company could build construction and repair workshops in the city.

The workers, mainly engineers, founded this neighborhood which is so different from the rest of the city. With its wide streets and planned design, it was probably the first planned neighborhood in Aguascalientes.

The houses are typically American suburban homes. They feature wooden walls, gabled roofs, attics, basements and chimneys, giving a quite different appearance to the four blocks that make up the neighborhood. The small and medium-sized houses are at the center of the area and have gardens and picket fences.

Although the houses were later sold to private owners who still own them today, the neighborhood is a legacy of the part Americans played in an era that determined the destiny and identity of Aguascalientes and its people.

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