Town of Calvillo

Calvillo is known around the world for its guava and its famous openwork, an elegant handicraft well worthy of its designation as regional Cultural Heritage.

Purchase tablecloths, table covers, dresses and more, all with unique patterns and portraying some aspect of the natural surroundings.

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If you would like to purchase any of these superb handicraft items you can do so directly from the creator or from one of the many embroidery and openwork stores on the Andador Centenario

Openwork is a handicraft technique inherited from the Spanish settlers, who were inspired by the old openwork from Flanders and Venice.

Indigenous and mestiza women adopted the technique in order to portray the world around them; birds, flowers, fruit; and a wide range of designs are used.

Within the town of Calvillo, the La Labor community took to openwork with special gusto and since then the tradition has been passed down through the generations, forming a part of the community’s identity.

Today you can see the women of Calvillo embroidering while sitting in the doorways of their homes, and the beauty and quality of their work is internationally renowned.

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