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Calvillo open work is completely handmade by women from Aguascalientes.

Highway La Panadera – Palo Alto, Comunidad La Labor

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Oficina de calvillo

Whether on Calle Nieto or on Andador Centenario in Calvillo, you are sure to find what you’re looking for among the wide range of beautiful open work handicrafts

Open work is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic handicrafts in Aguascalientes State.

The women in the community produce a wide range of open work, and you can find all kinds of articles, including tablecloths, furniture coverings, dresses, blouses, sheets, and shawls; they all have unique patterns and portray some aspect of local life.

The tradition was inherited from the Spanish and has been handed down through the generations, portraying elements of the local surroundings on the beautiful handicraft creations.

Among the articles you can find are table covers, table runners, napkins, furniture covers, bath sets, dresses, shawls blouses, sunshades, fans, sheets, pillow cases and bedspreads.

Take your time to get to know all the different kinds of open work and choose your favorites to take home with

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