El Parian

City of Aguascalientes

This emblematic Aguascalientes building has been demolished and reconstructed twice, and is currently a shopping mall.

Do some shopping, have lunch or simply take a stroll around with family and friends.

Rivero y Gutiérrez and Morelos (449) 915.6133


Monday to Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

El Parián

Can you imagine what the first Parian looked like?

The first Parian was built in 1827 for the San Marcos Fair that was to be held the following year, in 1828. The construction was funded by don Asastasio Terán due to the state’s lack of resources

The first demolition took place in 1950 on the orders of Luis Ortega Douglas, who opened the new building on November 20th, 1952. In 1982 the second demolition was ordered by Governor Rodolfo Landeros Gallegos, who opened the new building in 1985.

A notorious local thief, Juan Chavez, twice set fire to the Parian with the intention of distracting the attention of the local populace from his misdeeds and the things he had stolen.

Today the building is a shopping mall.

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