The Guava Festival


Calvillo, Pueblo Mágico, holds a very special festival in December, where flavor and fun combine to make this ‘Guava Fest’ one of the top attractions in the state.

All things guava are celebrated at the festival. Enjoy shows, exhibitions, and gastronomic, artistic, cultural and musical events relating to the cultivation, harvesting and processing of guava – Calvillo’s pride and joy

Calle Ignacio Allende and Centenario, Downtown,

Calvillo Tourist Office: (495) 956.0039 Ext. 4161

(495) 956.0039 Extensión 4161

Early December

Turismo de calvillo

Be sure to try each of the guava delicacies that the region has to offer; especially those that form a part of the festival.

Calvillo is the second largest guava-producing region in Mexico, and is renowned for its guava sweets and liqueurs – treats that you will be savoring at the Guava Festival. The event has been held for fifty-seven years and is attended by all the locals as well as a large number of visitors looking to enjoy the fun and culture of this unmissable Pueblo Mágico.

The festival strengthens local traditions and lends a hand to those who make their living from the guava sector

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