The Chicahuales Fair (Festival of St. James The Apostle

Jesús María

The Chicahuales Fair celebrates the holiday of the patron saint Santiago, or Saint James the Apostle.

Enjoy bullfights, cattle fair, cock fights, cultural, music and sporting events, fair rides, gastronomy, and much more

Calle 5 de Mayo, Downtown

(449) 963.9237

July 25- 29 Entrance is free – all welcome

Zona centro Jesús Maria

The stunning costumes of those taking part in the festival is a great reason to have your camera on hand.

This tradition has its roots in the veneration of Saint James the Apostle.

In Jesús María it is believed that this veneration began when a family arrived with an image of Saint James. The chicahuales are pious young men who act out battles between Moors and Christians, a tradition born in Spain in the fifth century and brought to New Spain after the Spanish conquest.

Since then they have acted out the battles, where they dance with masks representing the two warring sides.


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