The San Marcos National Fair

City of Aguascalientes

This is the largest event on the city’s calendar. It takes place every year in April and May, and in recent years has achieved international renown. You simply can’t visit Aguascalientes and not visit the San Marcos National Fair.

Stroll around the streets and the fair’s venues and savor an atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

Paseo de la Feria 103, Barrio de San Marcos (449) 915.8620

Feria de San Marcos

Stay informed about new annual events at the San Marcos Fair – you don’t want to miss anything

Designated a ‘National Fair’ by President Adolfo López  Mateos in 1958, the San Marcos National Fair began life as a cattle and harvest fair where locals traded their produce. Today, it is an international event where visitors and locals mix to enjoy a wide range of events and attractions in a multicultural setting.

This remarkable celebration hosts bullfights, exhibitions, cultural, artistic and sporting events, horse races, cock fights and, of course, plenty of fireworks.

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