The Bullfight

City of Aguascalientes

The bullfight, declared a part of Intangible Cultural Heritage, is one the main attractions at the traditional San Marcos National Fair

Aguascalientes has two bullrings – San Marcos Bullring and the Monumental Bullring.

Aguascalientes, Ags.

Jesús F. Contreras 105, Barrio de San Marcos, 20070 Aguascalientes, Ags.


Monumental Plaza de Toros

Plaza de Toros San Marcos

After the bullfight, visit the traditional outdoor restaurants known as merenderos and experience the wonderful atmosphere of Mexico’s biggest fair.

Bullfighting has had a special influence on the State of Aguascalientes and taurine passion has even made its mark on the region’s cultural and artistic life. Literature, painting and sculpture inspired by the bullfight resonate throughout Mexico and internationally.

Bullfighting traditions have been passed down through the generations, who have seen the greatest national and international bullfighters in action, as well as the development of local hero Alfonso Ramírez “Calesero”.

That’s why bullfighting is one of the biggest attractions at the traditional San Marcos National Fair, which hosts Mexico’s leading bullfighters.

These bullfighting pageants are held at the Monumental Bullring in Aguascalientes.

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