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City of Aguascalientes

Necaxa is a team with a serious pedigree in Mexican soccer and was proud to call Aguascalientes its home in 2003.

Estadio Victoria

Manuel Madrigal 101

 Héroes Neighborhood (449) 971.8313

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Estadio Victoria

Keep an eye out for the dancing fountains; they’ll be shooting forth at half-time and celebrating every time the home team scores a goal

Necaxa Soccer Club was founded in 1923 by William H. Fraser, the General Manager of the Luz y Fuerza, electric company. He decided to merge the clubs Luz y Fuerza and Tranvías and came up with Necaxa in honor of the river and dam of the same name. The club’s old stadium in Mexico City was one the best in the country in the 1930s, with its American drainage system, which prevented waterlogging, and its English-style synthetic pitch.

In 1927, Necaxa became the first team to open an international tournament in Mexico.

Since 2003 Aguascalientes has been home to Necaxa. Victoria Stadium is the venue for home games attended by as many as 25,000 spectators.

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