Town of Calvillo

“The guava capital of the world” is how Calvillo is also known, owing to its well-founded fame in the production of this delicious fruit.

Visit the guava groves and learn about the processes involved in producing a range of guava-based products.

Avenida Rodolfo Landeros (495) 956.0039 Ext. 4161


As is illustrated on the town’s shield, guava is the region’s principal product. There are 4,500 registered producers between Calvillo and Zacatecas and this means a lot of direct and indirect employment for the local population.

The production, sale and processing of guava provides economic support for many families from Calvillo and a part of Zacatecas.

Part of the production is exported to the United States and the rest is used for domestic consumption, mainly as an ingredient in tasty traditional marmalades, preserves, jellies and sweets, though it is also used in bread and fruit punch.

You can purchase guava products in many stores in Calvillo, where the characteristic scent of guava fills the air.

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