Zaragoza's Garden

Ciudad de Aguascalientes

Also known as ‘Plaza de los Mariachis’ because it is the meeting point for groups that play this traditional style of music

Enjoy the verdure of the gardens, try a traditional sorbet, and savor a delicious tapa in one of the eateries in the gardens.

Avenida 5 de Mayo Tourist Information (449) 915.9504

Jardín de Zaragoza

Swing by in the aftermoon and, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a few mariachi tunes. 

Zaragoza Gardens are circled by pink quarry-stone arches framing the Stela of Liberty, a monument which commemorates Hidalgo’s arrival in Aguascalientes after the defeat at Calderon Bridge on January 19th, 1811

To one side of the square is the Church of the Sacred Heart of Christ, built on the site of what was previously a hospital named “De Jesus”.

The church boasts a neo-baroque style. Construction began in 1943 and was completed in 1959.

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