La Alameda

City of Aguascalientes

Along its route, this beautiful tree-lined avenue displays traditional elements of the city’s history, in all its detail.

La Alameda

The Alameda is the ideal spot for outdoor activities.

At the heart of the Barrio de la Estación neighborhood, the avenue named La Alameda is 1,900 meters long and 64 meters wide. It runs from the Glorieta de la Purísima to the Old Baths of Ojocaliente.

The avenue comes to an end at La Pona Park, where there was once a lagoon formed by wastewater from the thermal baths and the runoff from irrigation streams. The water was used by poor people for washing.

This elegant thoroughfare was built in the late nineteenth century to link the east of the city to the Baths of Ojocaliente and to improve access to the railway station.

Due to its length and shape it was used as a motor racing track in the 1960s.

The avenue was recently refurbished in order to provide a functional public space for the local population and a tourist route with recreational infrastructure. The avenue’s sides and central median were also ecologically refurbished.

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