La Maestranza

City of Aguascalientes

Art and technology combine to relate the history that unfurled in the life of Aguascalientes.

Discover the history of the railroad through this light and sound show on the magnificent 18m by 5m mural. Avenida Manuel Gómez Morín, Old Railway Workshops (449) 916.2216 (449) 916.2276 ficotrece@

La Maestranza

This kind of show is, without doubt, more enjoyable to watch at night.

This technological show features sound, light, video and a five-meter high dynamic and interactive mural. It uses mechatronics to narrate and illustrate the history of the railroad in Aguascalientes in a didactic and entertaining way.

The name La Maestranza comes from the maestros who learnt their trade in the railroad workshops as novices and went on to teach the new trainees, who later went on to become  maestros, thereby repeating the cycle for more than 100 years.

The show was created by Víctor M. Zamarripa Alférez, who was assisted in the automation process by Cesar M. García Murguía and José A. Aguilera Sánchez.

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