Juarez Market

City of Aguascalientes

The market represents typical elements of Mexican life and serves authentic Aguascalientes ‘birria’, a kind of spicy meat stew.

Stroll through the Juarez Market and soak up the local atmosphere, get some regional souvenirs and enjoy typical local dishes.

Calle Guadalupe

Victoria, Downtown. vivaaguascalientes.com

Mercado Juárez

This is the place to find typical Mexican life, and to find the authentic Aguascalientes ‘birria’. Arrive on foot along Victoria Street

Juarez Market is home to the city’s purest culinary traditions. As soon as you enter you can smell the delicious aroma of local cuisine and sense the warmth of the families who have served dishes here for generations.

You’ll also find regional handicrafts and a wide range of shoe shops offering local products and footwear from other areas around the Bajío (the region between Aguascalientes and Mexico City)

Don’t miss out on the chance to hear the incredible stories that the people here have to tell, of course while you enjoy a plate of birria or menudo, (a traditional tripe soup).

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