Visit the walkway Andador J. Pani, better known as Andador
de la Feria, where you’ll find the oldest and most traditional merenderos in town.

The name merendero comes from the word merienda, which means an afternoon snack. In the past, in the days of inns and taverns, merenderos were places on the road where travelers would stop for a quick drink and a snack before continuing on their way.

Today, most of the merenderos are in the Barrio of San Marcos and are decorated with bullfighting paraphernalia, including bullfighting apparel, capes, posters and bulls’ heads. If you’re lucky you’ll catch some live traditional music, such as mariachi, trio, norteño and banda.

If the merenderos have piqued your interest, just wait until you try the wide range of botanas (tapas) that are traditionally served in Aguascalientes with drinks; such as crackling, cooked sausage, garlic potatoes, pork rinds, pickled vegetables, meat tacos and barbecued pork. What’s more, they’re all on the house!

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