Monument to the Bullfight

City of Aguascalientes

Monument to the Bullfight, by Jalisco-born Jorge de la Peña, is made of bronze and can be seen on the San Marcos Fair Walkway. The singular beauty of its composition expresses love of the bullfight.

Admire the amount of detail in this work of art, where the sculptor seems to bring each of the seven bulls to life. Let yourself get caught up in the adrenalin-rush that is bullfighting.

López Mateos and Andador J. Pani, Downtown  –  Visitor Information: (449) 915.9504

El Encierro

Some say that the Monument to the Bullfight is one of the most accurate representations of local culture and tradition in Aguascalientes, in that it reflects the feelings and affection that locals have for bullfighting.

Jorge de la Peña’s fine work neatly captures what April’s fiestas are all about.

Its composition expresses deep affection for the bullfight, the culture, the tradition, the work and the economy of Aguascalientes. The monument displays seven fighting bulls, using the iron in each of them to pay homage to the local ranching culture and the cowboy on horseback.

The monument weighs more than eight tons, is 24 meters long, 10.5 meters wide and 6.5 meters high.

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