The Museum of Aguascalientes

City of Aguascalientes

A space worthy of displaying the works of Saturnino Herrán, who was, according to Diego Rivera, “the most painter of Mexicans and the most Mexican of painters”.

Enjoy viewing the seven exhibit halls and feel free to attend any of the talks or musical performances held here. Check the museum program to find out about temporary exhibitions.

Calle Zaragoza 505

(449) 916.7142

Tuesday to Sunday: 11a.m. to 6 p.m.

Museo de Aguascalientes

Just strolling around the patios is a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city

This beautiful museum, with its large portico, double columns and façade with pediment, is custodian of the region’s wisdom and art.

There are two patios; the first is surrounded by columns and arches and the second by lush gardens and magnificent fountains. The museum is home to works by Saturnino Herrán, Gabriel Fernández Ledesma, Juan de Mata y Pacheco, Jesús F. Contreras and Francisco Díaz de León. Admire some of Jesús F. Contreras’ most beautiful sculptures, among them the Malgré Tout (Despite Everything). The original is in the National Museum of Art in Mexico City and received international awards in Paris.

This wonderful site was originally an orchard, then a catholic school, then a college for teachers, until 1975, when it became the Museum of Aguascalientes.

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