Museum of Contemporary Art

City of Aguascalientes

Home of prize-winning works of art from the Young Artist National Fair since 1966, the gallery brings together an evolving range of visual art by Mexican artists

Calle Francisco Primo Verdad and José María Morelos

y Pavón Downtown (449) 915.7953

Tuesday to Sunday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Get in touch for customized group tours

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

Open your eyes and your mind and be pleasantly surprised by modern art on display

The museum opened its doors in 1991and is located on the corner of Morelos and Primo de Verdad streets. It displays award-winning creations from the National Student Contest for Visual Arts from 1966 to 1980. In 1998 the facility and its whole collection moved to repository ‘Number Eight’, named after its previous owner, José de Jesús Rábago, who was born on 8/8/1888.

The building comprises two floors of simple construction and another horizontal floor with few decorative elements, except for a cornice-shaped upper finial and the intermediate that divides the floors and the two facades joined at the western corner by a chamfer.

Owing to the commercial activity that characterized the building in its early days, this chamfer or bevel served as the hub of activity and meeting point for the store. The museum has a permanent exhibition honoring Enrique Guzmán Villagómez, a famed and much-loved painter from a local family.

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