The National Museum of Death

City of Aguascalientes

From pre-Hispanic times to the present, death has been a source of anxiety and artistic expression. The museum brings together a collection as large and diverse as the mystery surrounding death itself.

Every year, on October 31, the altar contest is held. It has a long tradition across the country and couldn’t be held in a more appropriate place.

The Students’ Garden is next to San Diego Church on Rivero y Gutierrez Street. (449) 139.3258

Tuesday to Sunday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

Museo Nacional de la Muerte

Death has never been so much fun

This singular museum opened its doors to the public on June 19,2007and displays almost two thousand artistic exhibits related to death. The collection was donated by the engraver Octavio Bajonero Gil, who dedicated more than fifty years to exploring, collecting and investigating all things related to the traditions surrounding death.

The museum is part of the Aguascalientes State University Cultural Center and is located in two of its downtown buildings.

The first building, Jesús Gómez Portugal, was an old Franciscan monastery built in a colonial style in 1676.  The second building, Humberto Martínez de León, is a contemporary construction with a beautiful glass facade, a characteristic spiral staircase and a red facing typical of museum design. The collection includes archeological pieces, paintings, clay figures and even designs in a small pistachio nutshell.

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