Ice Cream Parlor "El Antiguo AS"

City of Aguascalientes

Ice cream parlor ‘El Antiguo As’ is one of the most traditional stores in Aguascalientes and has been in business for more than fifty years.

Avenida Alameda 106

(449) 915.2651

Monday to Sunday:

10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

El Antiguo As

Try the specialties of the house: vanilla or lemon ice cream or sorbet
You could also get a coke and pour it over your ice cream, just like the locals do. Give it a try!

The Old Ace’ Ice Cream Parlor has a history as old as its tradition. Legend has it that in the railroad era people would pass by for an ice cream or sorbet as soon as they got off the train.

The parlor has been serving up frozen treats for over fifty years and is one of the oldest businesses in Aguascalientes.

It is a traditional establishment and has retained its atmosphere and decoration over the years, while offering the best ice creams and sorbets in town. Its slogan reads “God gave us the color and flavor of fruit; we just turn it into ice cream”. Their products are made from natural ingredients which enhance the flavor of this frozen dessert.

There are plenty of flavors to choose from and the delicious natural taste is the perfect accompaniment to an unforgettable afternoon. Nearby, there are several excellent places to visit after enjoying your ice cream or sorbet, including the Church and Plaza of the Purísima, Arquitos Cultural Center and the Old Baths of Ojocaliente.

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