The Aguascalientes Symphony Orchestra

City of Aguascalientes

It’s been twenty years since this cultural project was launched and it remains a benchmark for Mexican classical music.

Teatro de  Aguascalientes José María Chavez,

Jardínes de la Asunción, CP. 20270

(449) 917.212

Teatro Aguascalientes

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La Orquesta Sinfónica de Aguascalientes se funda como tal en el año 1992, sin embargo desde los años 50 sonaba una Orquesta en el Estado, cuyo concertino era el padre del gran guitarrista Alfonso Moreno.

Posteriormente se queda bajo la batuta del Maestro Filiberto Ramos. En 1991 se nombra la Orquesta del Teatro Aguascalientes y el año siguiente se funda como hoy la conocemos.

The Aguascalientes Symphony Orchestra was officially founded in 1992. However, there has been an orchestra here since the 1950s, whose concertmaster was the father of the great guitarist Alfonso Moreno.

Maestro Filiberto Ramos then took it under his wing and in 1991 it was named the Aguascalientes Theater Orchestra. The following year it took its current name.

In 2013 the orchestra became one of the most prolific in Mexico, presenting four seasons at the Aguascalientes Theater and a range of other activities throughout the year.

The orchestra has boasted some of the most prestigious conductors in the country and in recent years received national and international acclaim, thanks to its participation at a wide range of events.

Today the orchestra supports young soloists and conductors starting off in the world of music. It also offers educational concerts for children and for people who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to attend this kind of event.

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