Town of Rincón de Romos

Father Nieves was born on April 3, 1920 in Aguascalientes. From an early age he demonstrated an evident priestly vocation, giving his first mass at the Encino Parish Church on August 1, 1945.

Father Ricardo Nieves Barba, popularly known as ‘Padre  Nieves’, is a much-loved and respected figure in Rincón de Romos and surrounding areas for his commitment to helping others without expecting anything in exchange.

He is celebrated for his infinite kindness. During his lifetime he built, restored, refurbished and furnished as many as thirty-five chapels, including Saint Joseph’s Chapel in Rincón de Romos – one of the most beautiful, owing to the outstanding paintings by Joaquín Medina, an artist from Jalisco. He focused on children’s religious education and on helping the more vulnerable sectors of society. He always responded to the call for spiritual assistance from families, offering helpful advice, spiritual comfort and acts of charity without regard for the time of day or night.

He tended to local, national and international congregations and received about a thousand letters a month thanking him for his work and assistance. Today, Saint Joseph’s Chapel (or Father Nieves’ Chapel), where his remains rest, receives thousands of visitors, especially on April 3rd and September 10th, the dates of his birth and death.

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