The State Congress Building

City of Aguascalientes

The architectural beauty of this old hostelry is such that in 1982 it became the seat of Legislative Power.

Admire the architecture and take photos of the exterior.

Moctezuma 105, Downtown   (449) 910.3550


The Parián shopping mall is just two blocks away. Pay it a visit and experience the modernity of this historic place.



In the early twentieth century, Refugio Reyes, the famous, self-taught architect from Zacatecas, was entrusted with the construction of this building.

Reyes stamped his characteristic style on the project. Impressive features of this three-story building include the pink quarry stone, the niche-shaped main entrance, the balcony with mullioned windows on the second floor, rectangular on the third and the grand central staircase with luxurious balusters.

Refugio Reyes’ original commission was the construction of the Hotel Paris, which offered luxury and elegance until 1982, when it became the seat of the State Congress,

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