The Town Hall

City of Aguascalientes

Set on the corner of Plaza de la Patria and Colón Street in the Historic Downtown area, this building was constructed in the early eighteenth century.

You can contemplate the architecture, admire the murals of  Guillermo Cuellar Arellano, and take photos of the exterior.

Plaza de la Patria,

Downtown  (449) 910.1010

Monday to Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Be sure to check out the segmented pediment in the facade with the words “Town Hall” engraved into the quarry stone and the relief of an eagle, open-winged and devouring a snake

Desde el siglo XVII, el terreno que ocupa el Palacio Municipal fue sumamente codiciado; pasando de una mano a otra por herederos, hacendados, párrocos y alcaldes.


Ever since the seventeenth century the land on which the Town Hall now sits has been highly sought after. Back then it passed between landowners, parish priests, mayors and their heirs.

Situated to one side of the Palace of Government, this two-story building has a neoclassical style with three front-view vertical bodies.

The central portico is made from pink quarry stone and there are eight pillars pointing to the nine windows on the upper floor, all vertically rectangular with quarry-stone frames, and a wrought iron balcony running around the old façade.

The central patio features a circular fountain made of quarry stone, and a double staircase, which on the way to the second floor, affords excellent views of the remarkable mural painted by Guillermo Cuellar Arellano, commemorating 425 years since the founding of the city..

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