Los Angeles Bakery

City of Aguascalientes

Los Angeles Bakery offers a wide range of bread and cookies, all 100% whole wheat.

Enjoy the traditional whole-wheat bread from the Los Angeles Bakery and the wonderful aromas that accompany it.

Calle Venustiano Carranza 110-A (449) 915.9943


Monday to Sunday:  8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Panadría los Ángeles

We recommend you try the caramel pastries with a cup of coffee

The Los Angeles Bakery was opened by Ricardo Villalobos in 1996 as a small business dedicated to the production of whole-wheat bread, cookies and biscuits, in response to the growing popularity of foods rich in fiber.

The bakery gradually became a favorite with both locals and visitors, thanks to the quality of its products and its excellent customer service. Within two years of opening it had increased production by 200%. It was also one of the first bakeries to receive national ISO 9000 certification validating the quality of its products and processes.

The wide range of products includes 120 different kinds of bread and makes use of typical local ingredients, such as guava and peach from Calvillo.

Be sure to visit this wonderful bakery. We’d be surprised if don’t leave with a bagful of goodies.

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