La Asunción Cementery

City of Aguascalientes

La Asunción Cemetery is the perfect place to experience one of the oldest Mexican traditions – All Saints’ Day.

You’ll see some quite unusual offerings at the cemetery – some people take their favorite hobbies to the grave.

Paseo del Río (449) 912.0440 October/November

Panteón de la Asunción

The best time to visit is during the Day of the Dead Festival when you can see the best of this traditional Mexican Holiday.

Cemeteries are the most popular places in Mexico on the first and second of November. In the firm, long-held belief that the dead return, families flock to cemeteries to make an offering to their departed loved ones. The first of November is dedicated to the souls of children and the second to the souls of adults.

The Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead ‘comes alive’ at this time of year at La Asunción Cemetery, which hosts performances referencing local and national legends.

As a part of the Calaveras Festival several cemeteries around the city have activities related to the Day of the Dead festivities. For more information, check with the tourist office.

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