La Salud Cementery and The Rotunda

City of Aguascalientes

One of the city’s oldest cemeteries, La Salud is home to the crypts of some of the most important figures in the history of the state.

Take the tour that includes performances portraying distinguished individuals who rest in this holy ground, creating a unique atmosphere during the Calaveras Festival.

Calle La Salud, between Avenida Héroes de Nacozari and Calle Delicias, Barrio de la Salud Visitor Information (449) 915.9504

Monday to Sunday: 6 p.m.

Panteón de la Salud

The best time of year to visit the cemetery is October/ November when there are plenty of activities related to the Calaveras Festival.

La Salud Cemetery was founded in 1776 on the orders of the priest Vicente Flores Alatorre, after an outbreak of matlazahuatl took its toll on the local population.

The cemetery boasts a rotunda of distinguished figures whose remains rest here. Among the most prominent are Jesús Terán Peredo, Professor José T. Vela Salas, actor David Reynoso and historian Alejandro Topete del Valle.

During the Day of the Dead celebrations the cemetery is the scenario for acting out legends from the history of Aguascalientes.

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