El Sabinal Ecological Park

Salto de los Salado, Aguascalientes

El  Sabinal Ecological Park comprises almost 400 acres of extraordinarily lush vegetation. A ‘sabina’ is a red cedar and a ‘sabinal’ is a red cedar grove.

This natural landscape is the ideal place for a spot of photography. Whether you’re a professional or not, make the most of the red cedar backgrounds to get some spectacular pics

It’s on the way to Agostaderito, which leads to the community of Salto de los Salado

Visitor Information (449) 915.9504



Parque Ecológico El Sabinal

Depending on the time of day, the sunlight here can highlight some amazing colors

Just a few miles from the city of Aguascalientes you can find a romantic landscape where the branches of ancient red cedars seem to join arms.

In the Sabinal Park you can go inside the trunk of a centuries-old tree. The red cedars here are more than 400 years old and their wide trunks, enormous roots and lush branches are quite unique in the region.

The fauna is made up of raccoons, armadillos, opossums, and water birds. This natural paradise offers a unique landscape thanks to the beautiful red cedars which make this a truly charming place to visit and spend some time in beautiful natural surroundings.

The park is a great place for camping, walking interpretive trails or just having a day out in the countryside.

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