Rodolfo Landeros Park

City of Aguascalientes

Rodolfo Landeros Park

Address: Blvd. José María Chavez, Aguascalientes

Tel: (449) 978.5106

Parque Rodolfo Landeros

The Environmental, Cultural, and Recreational Center Rodolfo Landeros Gallegos, formerly known as Parque Ecológico Héroes Mexicanos, is the largest green area in the city. The 173 acres are home to endangered species, including the white-tailed deer. Locals love it and come here for a nice day out with their families. As well as beauty, there are attractions such as the aviary, a theater, a lake, kids’ rides, and a scale-built model of key points around town.

Fun is a given for all ages, but the park also offers comfort and security. There is a sick bay, bathrooms, security and ample parking.

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