San Marcos Bullring

City of Aguascalientes

Built in a record time of forty-eight days, this arena is an essential part of the festivities of the Patron Saint of Aguascalientes.

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Plaza de Toros San Marcos

Unforgettable afternoons are spent at bullfights during the San Marcos Feria in April.

On April 24, 1896, don José Dosamantes, owner of the cattle ranch El Venadero, began the construction of San Marcos Bullring. The land chosen to build on had previously been the Aguascalientes Municipal Streetcar Terminal.

It was completed in just forty-eight days. The decision to build was due to the high rents charged at the only bullring in Aguascalientes at the time, a venue that could be dismantled and was named El Buen Gusto. Don José Dosamantes thought that with such a high rent he would be able to build a successful new bullring and he did. Since the San Marcos Fair was approaching, the bullring was built at top speed.

The bullring is across from the Church and Gardens of San Marcos, and is hugely important during the festivities of the San Marcos National Fair. The arena can hold up to five thousand spectators, and the architecture, though simple, is attractive, with traditional hacienda finishes and a beautiful portico at the entrance framed by slender quarry-stone columns.

San Marcos Bullring is also home to the Municipal Bullfighting School, which has grown in importance in recent years due to the exchange program with apprentice bullfighters from Madrid.

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