The Monumental Bullring

City of Aguascalientes

The venue hosts a range of events related to the local passion for bullfighting.

Boulevard Adolfo López Mateos and Calle Rafael Rodríguez Domínguez

Barrio San Marcos (449) 918.4933

Schedules vary according to event.

Plaza de Toros Monumental

Go to a bullfight or attend a concert; there are plenty to choose from. Check the program for details.  .

This bullfighting arena opened its doors on November 23, 1974, when the local Bishop blessed the bullring and the city’s mayor unveiled the inaugural plaque.

The same day the arena held its first bullfight and in the ring were Manuel Martinez, Eloy Cavazos and Fermín Espinosa (Armillita), who began his professional career that day fighting bulls from Torrecillas. Initially, the arena could accommodate nine thousand spectators, but after its expansion in 1990 capacity increased to fifteen thousand.

The arena has a fully-equipped surgery, just in case, and a chapel which, unlike those at other bullrings, is dedicated to the Black Christ, Lord of Encino, who is found in the Triana neighborhood, birthplace of several famous bullfighters, including  Alfonso Ramírez “El Calesero”, Los Sánchez, and Los Armilla.

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